The notable rolling hills of Settlement Vineyard in the Southern Valley’s region is home to our organic Pinot Noir fruit.

Planted in 2009, this hillside site is located 4km up the Omaka Valley on a desirable north facing slope. Given the undulating terrain, the vineyard’s topography is made up of a layer of shallow topsoil from tight packed wind-blown loess, over clay loams. The steep slopes allow a focus on capturing sunshine, with early irrigation in the season required given the vines are still maturing. As the season progresses, the irrigation is scaled down to increase concentration. Settlement Vineyard began conversion to organics in 2013 with great success, and full certification was achieved in 2016. The unique and complex terroir of this vineyard is expressed in our Pinot Noir, displaying rich aromas of red berry fruit and spice, over a soft silky tannin structure.

Map of Settlement Vineyard in Marlborough New Zealand


Clone: UCD5, Dijon 115 and 777
Vine age: 11 years old
Irrigation: Requires irrigation early in the season  
Frost: No frost risk
Location: SouthernValley
Terrain: Hillside site
Soil profile: Loessial topsoil over clay loams
Year of conversion: 2013-2016
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